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The Secret to Getting What You Want from Men.

It’s simple, it’s tested and it works.

"DON’T GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS" or even better, give him the exact oposite!

He wants recognition, ignore him. He wants compliments, tell him what you don’t like about him. He wants sex, no sex it is! And the list goes on.

Don’t put small stuff in stake. Make sure he thinks that you are cool with him wanting what he wants, but at the same time that you just don’t feel like giving it to him and would rather be leaving.

It has worked miricles for many many females outhere and please don’t be afraid to use it!!

The Stamp Theorem

For those of you who don’t know, the stamp theorem is the belief that stamps and guys have similar properties. The more you ignore a guy (spit on him) the more he gets attached to you (sticks). Yeah it makes more sense where I come from but it works worldwide and it’s one of the first things I was taught, even as a kid.

Just be careful to make sure that he is already convinced that you like him before you start toying with his mind.

That is actually applicable because once he feels that he’s got you but he sees you starting to go away he behaves like a 5 year old who wants his toy back.

While walking alone, keep in mind.

You may have noticed that many times when you’re on your own, even in your best attire, you don’t get as much “attention” as when you are out with friends.

Why is that?

Well usually, when guys see a group of girls around you, they know you are open to other people, social and pleasant to be around.

When you are on your own though, you seem unapproachable and distant and they are most definitely not interested into getting rejected.

Slut or not?

First of all, every guy has different limitations to the point of labeling a girl a slut. Some guys are more tolerant when others disapprove even showing a little cleavage.

For the first group (the “hungry” ones) it’s not that they are perverted and want to get everything off of you. It’s just that girls that seem to be more up-tight look more distant, not interested, hard to get and controlling. So lets take them from the top:

  • Distant, Not Interested and Hard to get are pretty much the same. They may feel as if you have already rejected them. It actually comes down to body language. If you refuse to even show your body then why do you expect him to believe that you will share a word with him?
  • Controlling is what most boys are not. They like to be loose and slack off and that’s why in a couple the female-half’s controlling nature maintains the balance. (By controlling I’m referring to making sure he doesn’t forget to get dressed not being a control freak.) But since we are talking about flirting, make him feel that he is doing something he likes, being loose. Show him that you don’t mind showing off your body and that you feel good with yourself hence don’t mind the others opinion.

Anonymous asked:

Hey there. So I am going out with this guy I like for a long time and it's going to be our first date. What should I wear??? Help!

Well, First dates are on the semi-formal side of the dress code.

I would suggest a summer dress (they love those) no shorter than mid-thigh. The neckline shouln’t be too revealing but as we said, guys are visual types so make your decision. Go for light make up but make sure you tone your strong characteristic (make your eyes/lips pop). I would not suggest heels or sneakers, so go with flats they work just fine.

Relax and have a great time :D

"No one falls in love with your personality at first sight"

Because he simply can’t.

They say, first impression always maters so getting him interested is the first, and most basic, part of flirting.

The criteria by which he decides if he will be interested or not are (unfortunately or fortunately) looks. He will be “sizing you” and if you get through that then he is going to tell his friend (we will get to the reason later) to check you out. If you pass that faze too then you just have to show him you might be interested and he will decide to give it a shot.

Once he is up for it, he will get to know you a bit better and be able to judge your personality.That’s your chance to shine :P

At this point I would like to note that those are not “How to get a one night sand” tips and are directed to girls with more serious intentions.

My tip for a one night stand would be: Get drunk, Go straight to his face, Tell him you find him handsome, Giggle to every stupidity he says, Ask him to take you home telling him you are tired and there you go!

Back to our topic, according to The Ugly Truth.

  • Mike Chadway:

    Rule #3, men are very visual. We have to change your look.

  • Abby Richter:

    What's wrong with my look?

  • Mike Chadway:

    Abby, you're a very attractive woman, but you're completely inaccessible. You're all about comfort and efficiency!

  • Abby Richter:

    What's wrong with comfort and efficiency?

  • Mike Chadway:

    Well nothing, except no one wants to fuck it.

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